Martin Adams

Jewellery Props

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Upper right pane:


Crown - Richard II - see "Crowns"

Boutonniere - Poirot - see "Jewellery for Men"

Scorpion bracelet- The Mummy Returns - see "Jewellery for Men"

Crown - Poppea - see "Crowns"

Pendant - Stardust - see "Jewellery for Women"

Crown - Stardust - see "Crowns"


Lower left pane:


Tiara - The Young Victoria - see "Tiaras & Hair decorations"

Orb - Semele - see "Hand-props and Set Props"

Bracelets - Lincoln - see "Jewellery for Women"

Lapel badge - The World is not Enough - see "Jewellery for Men"

Belt - We will Rock You - see "Costume props & Headdresses"

Crown - Braveheart - see "Crowns"

Manacles -102 Dalmatians - see "Jewellery for Women" - 102 Dalmatians

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