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I studied theatre design from 1972 to 1975 at Croydon College of Art which not only included set and costume design, but also the practical skills of scenic construction and painting, prop-making, costume making and millinery.  While still at college, I was fortunate to gain work experience making scale set models for several designers, including Hans Christian, Tim Goodchild, John Gunter, Pamela Howard, Norman McDowell and Robin Piddock.  In the summer break after my second year, I worked with the costume designer Priscilla Truett for the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, making all the costume props for their Edinburgh Festival production of “Finn MacCool”.

Having made set models, technical drawings and various props for Tim Goodchild while still at college, I worked with him full time for my first year after leaving college.

Initially working from home, I took my first workshop just off the Portobello Road for just over a year and I then moved to a workshop in Lots Road, Chelsea where I was based for over thirty-five years.  I moved from London in 2003, and now live and work near Birmingham.


I began by making a large variety of set-props, hand-props, and costume props (anything that is worn, that is not costume), masks, head-dresses, armour, animals, spacesuits, jewellery etc. plus some costumes, hats, shoes etc.  Over the years I have gradually specialised in jewellery and jewellery related props, which is now the majority of my work.

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