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2022  LEE   Hand-cuff bracelets and dog-tag bracelets

2022  FIREBRAND   Chains of office, jewellery and costume decorations

2021  ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT   Rings, cross & chain

2021  MISSION:  IMPOSSIBLE 7   Soft replica principal jewellery for stunt work

2020  VERMILION   Watch chains

2020  THE LAST DUEL   Crowns

2020  CRUELLA   Collar and lead duplicates for publicity

2019  CRUELLA   Dog collars and leads - pictures in 

2019  INFINITE   Principal rings

2019  THE WITCHES   Principal earrings

2018  DOWNTON ABBEY   Tiaras, jewellery, buttons, breast-stars, orders etc

2018  ROCKET MAN  Rings

2018  MAGIC HOUR  Jewelled cross

2017  THE HUSTLE - Crown

2017  BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY  Crown, breast-stars, jewellery

2017  MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS  Rosaries & stone-set locket

2017  THE DEATH AND LIFE OF JOHN F DONOVAN  Letter pendants and chains

2016  DARKEST HOUR  Winston Churchill’s watch chain and attachments

2016  A HIDDEN LIFE  Bishop’s cross & chain, ring

2015  THE BFG   Tiara, jewellery & orders for Penelope Wilton


2014  POINT BREAK   Jewellery

2014  ALLES IST LIEBE   “Rose” wedding rings

2014  THE MAN FROM UNCLE   Jewellery

2013  EXODUS   Principal Egyptian corselet and collar, rings

2013  TURNER   Rings

2013  CINDERELLA   Jewellery & jewelled shoe butterflies

2013  IN THE HEART OF THE SEA   Pendants

2012  ANNA KARENINA   Ring

2011  LINCOLN   Pearl-set jewellery for Mrs. Lincoln


2011  JACK THE GIANTKILLER   Crowns, tiaras & jewellery

2011  OUTPOST II   Mechanical ring & jewellery

2010  SHERLOCK HOLMES II   Driving goggles

2010  ANONYMOUS   Crown, regalia, and principal jewellery

2009  THE KING’S SPEECH   Neck order

2009  ROBIN HOOD   Crowns & principal jewellery

2008  SHERLOCK HOLMES   Jewellery for male principals

2008  BRIGHTSTAR   Rings

2008  CHERI   Principal jewellery

2008  KICK ASS   Principal buckles

2007  THE YOUNG VICTORIA   Tiara, principal jewellery and regalia, military orders

2007  VALKYRIE   Collar studs, badges etc.

2007  HELLBOY II   Jewellery and costume props

2006  ATONEMENT   Nurses’ badges

2006  LA VIE EN ROSE   Principal necklace.

2006  STARDUST   Crown, jewellery, buckles, buttons etc.


2005  THE QUEEN   Principal jewellery

2005  UNITED 93   Flight crew badges

2005  V FOR VENDETTA   Belts, buttons, badges & jewellery

2005  X MEN III   Costume decorations

2005  GREYFRIARS BOBBY   Buckles, buttons, chain of office, costume accessories

2005  THE PRODUCERS   THE MUSICAL   THE MOVIE   “Springtime for Hitler”

           Headdresses and panniers

2005  THE DA VINCI CODE   Papal crown and jewellery. Rose pendant

2004  HARRY POTTER & THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN   Jewellery, badges etc.

2004  CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY   Principal jewellery

2004  THE HITCH-HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALLERY   Buckles, buttons & costume props

2004  KINGDOM OF HEAVEN   Crowns, jewellery, and costume props

2003  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA   Headdresses & jewellery


2003  FIVE CHILDREN AND IT   Welding mask

2003  HARRY POTTER & THE GOBLET OF FIRE   Badges, buttons etc

2002  OPEN RANGE   Jewellery

2002  THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN   Jewellery and costume props

2002  TO KILL A KING   Principal jewellery


2002  MASTER & COMMANDER   THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD   Medals, shoe buckles etc.

2002  COLD MOUNTAIN   Jewellery

2002  DIE ANOTHER DAY   Jewellery & “J” buckle

2002  HARRY POTTER & THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS   Jewellery & costume props

2002  ALEXANDER   Brooches

2002  JOHNNY ENGLISH   Crown and regalia

2001  ALI G - IN DA HOUSE  THE MOVIE   Four-finger “Indahouse” ring

2001  HARRY POTTER & THE SORCERER’S STONE   Jewellery & costume props

2000  ENEMY AT THE GATES   Medals and orders

2000  THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO   Walking sticks and orders

2000  TOMB RAIDER   Buckles, watches & jewellery

2000  102 DALMATIANS   Jewellery and costume accessories

2000  THE MUMMY RETURNS   Scorpion bracelet, Egyptian jewellery and costume props

1999  GLADIATOR   Jewellery and costume accessories

1999  MISSION:  IMPOSSIBLE II   Jewellery

1999  QUILLS   Rosaries and rings

1999  THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH   Jewellery and badges

1999  SLEEPY HOLLOW   Jewellery, buckles, spurs & costume props

1998  TOPSY TURVY   Jewellery

1998  ENTRAPMENT   Masks

1998  SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE   Jewellery and jewelled dress decorations

1998  THE MUMMY   Egyptian jewellery and costume props

1997  ELIZABETH   Crowns, crown jewels, regalia and general jewellery

1997  LOST IN SPACE   Jewellery and costume accessories

1997  THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK   Buckles etc


1996  TITANIC   Butterfly hair comb, hand mirrors & jewellery

1996  HAMLET (Kenneth Branagh)   Medals, orders & jewellery

1996  101 DALMATIANS   Jewellery and costume accessories

1996  EVITA   Jewellery

1995  SNOW WHITE: A TALE OF TERROR   Jewellery & Witch’s crutch

1995  MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND   Belts & Baldricks

1994  BRAVEHEART   Crowns, jewellery & costume accessories

1994  JUDGE DREDD   Judge's helmets, shoulder armour, costume props etc.

1994  ROB ROY   Jewellery

1994  FIRST KNIGHT   Crowns, circlets and jewellery

1994  INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE   Jewellery, masks etc.

1992  LITTLE BUDDHA   Jewellery and costume props

1991  1492:  CONQUEST OF PARADISE   Crowns, jewellery etc.

1991  COLUMBUS:  THE JOURNEY   Circlets & costume decorations

1991  ROBIN HOOD (Patrick Bergin)   Circlets and costume decorations

1991  THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS   Shoe buckles, men's hats & costume misc.

1990  ROBIN HOOD:  PRINCE OF THIEVES   Circlets, helmets, girdles, belts, jewellery etc.

1990  HAMLET (Mel Gibson)   Circlets, jewellery, belts etc.

1989  THE SHELTERING SKY   Jewellery and hand props

1988  HENRY V   Crowns, armour & costume accessories

1988  DANGEROUS LIAISONS   Jewellery and costume decorations

1987  ARIA (NESSUN DORMA – Dir: KEN RUSSELL)   Crown base & jewelled elbow ‘brooch’

1986  THE LAST EMPEROR   Jewellery and costume props

1985  JEWEL OF THE NILE   Pirates costume accessories

1985  LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS   Flying machine

1985  HIGHLANDER   Kurgan armour & helmet, jewellery etc.

1985  YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES   Egyptian headdresses, jewellery etc.

1985  SOLARBABIES   Helmets, jewellery & costume props

1984  RETURN TO OZ   Princess Ozma headdresses and wands

1984  WITH A VIEW TO A KILL   Mask for Grace Jones

1983  GREYSTOKE   Jewellery

1983  BRAZIL   Silver armour and Samurai Warrior

1982  YENTL   Mezuzahs

1982  STARWARS EPISODE VI:  RETURN OF THE JEDI   Hair decorations and plait end

1980  TIME BANDITS   Crown and jewellery

1978  LIFE OF BRIAN   Suicide squad   "Samurai" armour & helmets

1976  JABBERWOCKY   Costume props

1976  THE MORNING SPIDER   Costume props and set props

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