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2022  HOUSE OF THE DRAGON  (from 2020)  Crowns

2021  HIS DARK MATERIALS   B.B.C. (from 2018)   Magesterium badges, stick-pins, rings,

          buttons, buckles, chain of office etc. Chelengk (Nelson’s hat brooch)

2020  THE WITCHER  Rings

2020  PENNYWORTH  (From 2019)  Brooches, badges & ring duplicates


2019  AFTER EVER AFTER   Skull ring

2018  THE CROWN   Brooch, breast-stars

2018  CATHERINE THE GREAT   Orb & sceptre

2017  OUTLANDER   Earrings

2017  PEAKY BLINDERS (from 2012)   Period razor blades, police helmet badges,

          cocaine snorters, shoulder bag, jewellery etc.

2017  THE FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES   Jewel-set mezuzah

2016  THE HALCYON   Buttons & lapel badges

2016  TABOO  (from 2015)  Walking canes, hatpins etc

2016  JAMESTOWN   Rings & earrings

2015  ROYAL WIVES AT WAR  B.B.C. Panther brooch for Wallis Simpson

2015  AND THEN THERE WERE NONE   Cocaine box

2014  THE SYNDICATE   Clock

2014  THE HOLLOW CROWN II  Orbs, sceptres, a mace, etc.

2014  WOLF HALL   Crown for Anne Boleyn, prayer book, rings

2013  THE SMOKE   Fire-men’s cap badges

2013  NEW WORLDS   Principal rings

2013  POIROT   Cufflinks,  Boutonniere (flower vase brooch) & jewellery

2012  DA VINCI’S DEMONS   Buckles, clasps, jewellery etc.

2012  DOWNTON ABBEY   Floral tiara

2012  THE MAKING OF A LADY   Rings

2012  HENRY IV Parts 1 & 2   B.B.C.   Crowns

2011  HENRY V   B.B.C.   Crown

2011  ENDEAVOUR Pilot episode   Base clef earrings

2011  SINBAD   Principal necklaces, special effect necklace & costume props

2010  GAME OF THRONES   King’s crown

2009  GAME OF THRONES   King’s and Queen’s crowns

2008  CRUSOE   Egyptian pectoral, & lockets

2007  LARKRISE TO CANDLEFORD   B.B.C.   Badges etc.

2007  HOGFATHER (from 2006)    Jewellery, brooches etc.

2006  HYPERDRIVE   Badges & medal bars

2005  ELIZABETH, THE VIRGIN QUEEN   B.B.C.   Crown & regalia

2003  HENRY VIII   Granada T.V.   Jewellery

2003  THE SHOEBOX ZOO   B.B.C.   Brooches

2002  THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL   B.B.C.   Jewellery

2002  THE LENNY HENRY SHOW   Jewellery

2002  THE MURDER GAME   B.B.C.   Necklace


2000  DYNATOPIA   Jewellery

2000  JACK & THE BEANSTALK   Bean “bottle” pendants

1999  OLIVER TWIST   Featured lockets, jewellery

1998  FRENCHMAN’S CREEK   Jewellery & mask

1998  BLONDE BOMBSHELL   “Initial” pendant

1997  STARS IN THEIR EYES   Granada T.V.   Cher jewellery

1996  RICHARD II (Fiona Shaw)   Crown & brooch

1996  THE PRINCE & THE PAUPER   Jewelled costume decorations etc.

1996  THE ODYSSEY   Helmets, jewellery & costume props

1994  SPACE PRECINCT   “Globe” music box, jewel box, lorgnettes, jewellery

1994  SCARLETT   Crowns, collar & jewellery

1994  CATHERINE THE GREAT   Jewelled collar (chain of office), stomacher booch

1992  THE BORROWERS   Buttons

1991  POIROT   Shoe buckles, taxi-drivers badges, arm-bands, “rubies”


1990  5 CHILDREN AND IT   B.B.C.   Wings

1990  POIROT   Swan walking canes, fencing suits and masks, Commedia del’arte figurines

1990  THE SILVER CHAIR   B.B.C.   Silver helmet & mask, Earthmen helmets and body armour,

          costume-props, Black knight  helmet, armour and horse armour

1989  VOYAGE OF THE DAWNTREADER   B.B.C.   Armour etc.

1989  POIROT   Swan-handled walking canes and watches

1989  A GHOST IN MONTE CARLO   necklace

1989  MURDER BY MOONLIGHT   Space-suits

1989  LENNY HENRY   “Mr. T” medallion

1989  CHELMSFORD 123   Helmet, armour & costume props

1989  THE COMIC STRIP   Necklace

1988  RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY  Mayoral chain

1988  DR. WHO   “Question mark” umbrella

1988  JACK THE RIPPER   Jewellery and costume props

1988  LION, WITCH & WARDROBE   B.B.C.   Crown, wand etc.

1987  VANITY FAIR   Life-guard helmets

1987  A HAZARD OF HEARTS   Jewellery

1987  CASUALTY   B.B.C.   Nurse’s badges

1987  THE COMIC STRIP   THE YOB   Cat’s legs

1987  NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE   Cuirassier helmets

1987  FRENCH & SAUNDERS   B.B.C.   Green monster costumes, & oversized shoes

1985  ALICE IN WONDERLAND   B.B.C.   Turtle, caterpillar etc.

1985  TENKO   B.B.C.   Badges

1985  DECEPTIONS   Jewellery and masks for Stephanie Powers

1985  BLACK ADDER   B.B.C.   Bull & cow heads

1985  BERGERAC   B.B.C.   Rings

1984  THE PRISONER OF ZENDA   B.B.C.   Medals, orders and badges

1983  BY THE SWORD DIVIDED   B.B.C.   Walking sticks and canes

1983  AN ENGLISHMAN ABROAD   B.B.C.   Chains of office

1983  CORIOLANUS   B.B.C.   Helmets

1983  THE FAR PAVILIONS   Jewellery

1982  THE CLEOPATRAS   B.B.C.   Headdresses, crowns, helmets, regalia & jewellery etc.

1982  THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR   B.B.C.   Headdresses, masks and costume props

1982  KING LEAR   B.B.C.   Chain of office & costume accessories

1982  RICHARD III   B.B.C.   Leather armour

1982  HENRY VI, Parts 1, 2 & 3   B.B.C.   Leather armour

1981  DR. WHO   Witch-doctor mask and small stick masks

1981  THE GOODIES   Kitchen 'armour', hats and costume props

1981  OTHELLO   B.B.C.   Armour and costume props

1981  TIMON OF ATHENS   B.B.C.   Armour

1980  TRIANGLE   B.B.C.   Cap badges

1980  DR. WHO   “Melkur” statue costume

1980  1001 NIGHTS   B.B.C.   Crowns and accessories

1980  NANNY   B.B.C.   Nurse’s badges

1980  THE RUSS ABBOTT SHOW   Yorkshire T.V.   Wired “Biggles” scarf

1980  THE BENNY HILL SHOW   Firemen’s helmets

1980  THE MERCHANT OF VENICE   B.B.C.   Costume props & accessories, jewellery etc

1980  DR. WHO   THE PLEASURE HIVE   Helmets and “Formasi” heads and hands

1980  ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA   B.B.C.   Shoes and boots

1980  HAMLET   B.B.C.   Helmet & armour, cloak, masks etc

1979  BRIDESHEAD REVISITED   Granada TV   Firemen's helmets

1978  3-2-1   Yorkshire T.V.   Devil masks

1978  PRINCE REGENT   B.B.C.   Garter stars

1977  BLAKE’S SEVEN   ‘Decima’ heads and bodies

1977  THE MORCAMBE AND WISE CHRISTMAS SHOW   B.B.C.   Elton John - spectacles

1977  MACBETH   VERDI OPERA  B.B.C.   Crowns and headdresses

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