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2024  WICKED  (from 2006)  London, U.K. Tour, Stuttgart, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, New York

           and various U.S.A. productions   Tiaras, Wands, Principal jewellery, Purses and costume-props - pictures in "Tiaras" & "Hand Props"

2024  HAMILTON  (From 2017)  Broadway, London, Hamburg & U.S. and U.K. Tours

          Crown, chain of  office, breast-star & jewelled garter for King George III   Australia – Breast stars - pictures in "Crowns"

2021  THE HARRY ENFIELD SHOW  Crown repair and refurbishment

2019  SWIVE  The Globe Theatre   Crown

2019  PRETTY WOMAN  Hamburg  Stick masks

2020  MISS SAIGON  (from 1989)   London, U.K. Tour, Europe & U.S.A.   Masks, coolie hats,

           costume props, medals, badges etc.

2017  KING LEAR  Chichester Festival Theatre   Crown & rings

2017  SUNSET BOULEVARD  (From 2016) London & New York   Refurbishment of my original

           Broadway jewellery for Glenn Close from 1995, plus various new pieces - picture in "Headdresses"

2016  DISNEY’S ALADDIN  (From 2015)   London, Hamburg, Sydney   Female ensemble headdresses

           Principal (Jasmine) tiaras also made for London

2015  HENRY V  Royal Shakespeare Company   Crown

2015  RICHARD II  Globe Theatre   Crown

2015  BILLY ELLIOT  (from 2008)   New York, U.S.A. tours and London   Police helmet badges etc.

2015  LOVES LABOURS LOST   Royal Shakespeare Company   Legion d’Honneur order

2013  RICHARD II   Royal Shakespeare Company   Crown

2013  WE WILL ROCK YOU  (from 2002)   London, U.K. Tour, Stuttgart, Stockholm etc   

           Jewellery & costume accessories for the Killer Queen etc.

2013  THE LION KING  (from 1999)   London, Hamburg, UK Tour etc   Masks, headdresses

           and costume-props - pictures in "Headdresses" & "Masks"

2012  TWELFTH NIGHT   Globe Theatre & New York   Tiara & jewellery

2012  RICHARD III   Globe Theatre & New York   Crowns & jewellery

2011  LOVE NEVER DIES  (from 2010)   Necklaces

2011  GASLIGHT   Clwyd Theatr Cymru   Theatre  Mechanical brooch

2010  HAIRSPRAY   U.K. Tour   Jewelled bow tiaras - picture in "Tiaras"

2010  AN INSPECTOR CALLS  (from 1994)   London, U.K. Tour, New York & Japan   Jewellery

2009  CHICAGO  (from 1997)   London, New York,Australia, Madrid etc.   Beaded vests,

           jewelled shoe-buckles

2009  CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG  (from 2002)   London & UK Tour   Crowns,

           jewellery & costume-props - picture in "Masks"

2008  THE HOURS   National Theatre   Breast orders

2008  LES MISERABLES  (from 1989)   Theatre   London, Europe & U.S.A.   Chin-scales, buckles etc.

2007  THE PRODUCERS  (from 2001)   Broadway & U.S. Tours, Australia, Toronto, London,

           and U.K. Tour   Show-girl headdresses and costume props for “Springtime for Hitler” - pictures in "Headdresses"

2006  AN IDEAL HUSBAND   Clwyd Theatr Cymru   Snake brooch and bracelet set

2006  EVITA   London   Jewellery

2005  AIDA (from 1999)   Elton John Musical   Broadway, U.S. Tour, Japan, Germany

           and Netherlands   Jewellery etc.

2005  THE WOMAN IN WHITE   New York & London   Neck orders

2005  THE FAR PAVILIONS   Musical   London   Jewellery - pictures in "Jewellery for Men"

2004  CRAZY FOR YOU   Netherlands   Swan costumes

2004  MACBETH   Royal Shakespeare Company   Breast orders

2003  A CHRISTMAS CAROL  (from 1994)   Paramount Theatre, NewYork   Costume  Props

2003  ANYTHING GOES   Theatre Royal, Drury Lane   Jewellery

2003  TITANIC (Musical)  Hamburg   Tiaras & jewellery

2003  JUMPERS  Royal National Theatre   Chain-mail wig cover

2002  TWELFTH NIGHT   Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre   Coronet

2002  SANCTUARY   Royal National Theatre   Urinating penis costume prop

2002  A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM   Royal Shakespeare Company   Jewelled belt

2001  CATS  (from 1981)   London, Zurich   Mechanical wig, masks, headdresses and

           costume props - picture in "Animals"

2001  THE ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE   Barbara Windsor   Wings and headdress

2001  MOTHER CLAP’S MOLLY HOUSE   Jewellery, wings & costume props

2001  ELIZABETH  (from 1999)   Germany   Musical   Crowns, tiaras, jewellery

2001  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (from 1988)   London, Vienna, Stockholm, etc  

           Headdresses, masks and costume decorations

2001  LUTHER   Royal National Theatre   Crowns, chain of office

2001  A BOSTON MARRIAGE   Donmar Warehouse   Jewellery

2001  ANNIE GET YOUR GUN  (from 1999)   Broadway & U.S.A. Tour   Jewellery

2000  NAPOLEON   Musical   Crowns, chains of office, tiaras & jewellery

2000  HAMLET   Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre   Crown - pictures in "Crowns" & "Tiaras"

1999  THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME   Musical   Masks, jewellery & costume-props

1998  ELABORATE LIVES   Musical   Atlanta   Egyptian jewellery & costume props

1998  SWEET CHARITY   Churchill Theatre   Jewellery

1997  BEAUTY & THE BEAST   London & New York   Headdresses and costume props

1997  JOSEPH & THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT  (from 1991)   Costume props

1997  SUNSET BOULEVARD  (from 1994)   London, New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt,

           Toronto, U.S.A. Tour, Australia   Headdresses, jewellery & costume accessories - pictures in "Jewellery for Women" & "Headdresses"

1997  HENRY VIII   Royal Shakespeare Company   Jewellery and costume props

1996  CRAZY FOR YOU  (from 1993)   London, USA Tour & Toronto  Show-girls

           headdresses and costume decorations for the Opening and Finale - pictures in "Headdresses"

1993  KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN   London   Wings, feather headdress & tail etc.

1992  MY FAIR LADY   For Jasper Conran   Parasols and fans

1990  LA CAGE AUX FOLLES   Musical   Österreichischen Bundestheater   Costume props &

           show-girl headdresses and costumes decorations

1989  METROPOLIS   Musical   Robot costume

1988  ZEIGFELD   Musical   London Palladium   Costume props & showgirl costumes & headdresses - pictures in "Headdresses"

1988  FOLLIES   Musical   Costume accessories and headdresses

1984  HENRY V   Royal Shakespeare Company   Garter collar (chain of office)

1981  A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM   Royal Shakespeare Co.   Military costume decorations

1981  RICHARD II   The Young Vic   Crown, sceptre & jewellery

1980  AMADEUS   National Theatre   Masks

1979  RICHARD III   National Theatre   Crowns

1979  DISPATCHES  National Theatre    Artificial legs

1979  CHICAGO  Cambridge Theatre    Badges and costume props

1979  FRUITS OF ENLIGHTENMENT  National Theatre    Hats

1979  BABES IN THE WOOD  Theatre Royal, Windsor    Headdresses and costume decorations

1978  BLUE MONSTER  Unicorn Theatre    Mask

1978  MACBETH  Nuffield Theatre, Southampton    Helmets and death heads

1978  TROUBADOR  Cambridge Theatre    Crowns, jewellery & helmets

1978  THE WOMAN  National Theatre    Helmet fins

1978  MACBETH   National Theatre   Crowns

1978  CINDERELLA  Theatre Royal, Windsor    Headdresses and horse head

1977  VOLPONE   National Theatre   Masks

1977  EQUUS  Theatre Royal, Windsor    Horse heads

1977  THE DREAM  National Ballet of Canada    Headdress and wings frames

1977  THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR  St. Georges Theatre    Costume props

1977  ACIS AND GALATEA  Holland Park Theatre    Mask & wig

1977  THE GOOD PERSON OF SZECHWAN  The Greenwich Theatre    Bald-cap "wigs"

1977  JULIUS CAESAR  National Theatre    Masks of Sir John Guilgud

1977  FIRE ANGEL  Her Majesty's Theatre  Set and costume-props

1977  THE SONS OF OEDIPUS  The Greenwich Theatre    Helmets

1976  THE SLEEPING BEAUTY  Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh    Animal heads, headdresses, wings

1976  SALAD DAYS  Duke of York's Theatre    Headdress

1976  LOVES LABOURS LOST  Regent's Park Theatre   Masks

1975  HAMLET   National Theatre   Lyttelton Theatre opening production   Masks

1975  DICK WHITTINGTON  Theatre Royal, Windsor   Animal heads

1975  THOMAS & THE KING  Her Majesty's Theatre   Masks and Headdresses

1975  FOOL ON THE HILL  Australian Ballet    Headdress models

1974  THE FANTASICAL FEATS OF FINN MacCOOL  Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh   Headdresses & costume props

1974  LA VIE PARISIENNE   Phoenix Opera   Set props and hand props

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